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Day 26 of Lent- God’s Will Be Done

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John 9:3 “Neither this man nor his parents sinned, said Jesus, but this happened so that the work of God must be displayed in his life”


We find ourselves in a world where everybody blames somebody especially when things are not going as planned. We tend to play the blame game when we are failing or there is a cause for alarm. Like Adam and Eve in the garden, when they sinned. First, Adam blamed Eve while Eve also put the blame on the serpent. Likewise, Job’s wife in her frustration at her husband’s sickness, suggested to Job to curse God and die. However, Job knowing who he had believed rebuked that negativity and in the end God’s glory was seen.

As seen in our text, the disciples were also looking for someone to blame for the blind man’s predicament but Jesus made it clear that, it happened so that God’s glory will be seen. Sometimes, things happen for a purpose. We therefore do not always need to jump to hasty conclusions.

In these uncertain times, it is tempting to play the blame game and frustrate ourselves. However, let us not lose hope nor blame ourselves or others but rather look up to God to carry us through. God is able to work out God’s purposes in the midst of challenges. May we trust God to keep us in all situations.


Reflection: Blessed Assurance MHB 422

Reading: John 9:1-12; Job 2:9-10


Submitted by: Afua Amoako-Baah

New Life International UMC