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Day 29 of Lent- Our God, Our Sailor

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Song “With Jesus In My Boat I Can, Smile In The Storm [3x] With Jesus In My Boat I Can Smile In The Storm; When I’m Sailing Home [2x] With Jesus In My Boat I Can Smile In The Storm”.  


This happens to be one of my favorite Sunday school songs. Growing up I sang it endlessly without truly understanding the meaning of the song. What I have discovered in my walk with God is, like the song, we often sail through life without rendering any thoughts to the details of our lives. We get consumed with our routines that we lose track of what really matters which is God and the role God plays in our lives.

All of us, believers and non-believers experience storms but how we navigate through these storms depend on our perspectives. Our troubles are like the churning of the sea. In fact, the struggles of life seem unending and sometimes we feel like life is nothing but one problem after the other. We may put up a brave face to the world but inside we are hurting, crushed and discouraged. Jesus is always ready to be invited in to grant us the peace, joy and fulfilment He promised us.

Having Jesus in our boat means He is in charge. He is the energy that fuels our existence and grants us the strength to keep pressing on by constantly reminding us that our steps are ordered by Him. This changes everything for us because we begin to recognize that even the detours will eventually work out for our good. Pandemic or no pandemic our Hope is in the Lord.

Reflection: In these trying times, who are you putting your trust in? God or earthly vessels?

Reading: 2 Corinthians 4:8-9


Submitted by: Bridget and Kwasi Ntiamoah

New Life International UMC

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