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Day 32 of Lent- The Word of God is Power

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Psalm 119: 11 “Thy word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against thee”


From the days of Sunday School, to Children Service and Youth Fellowship, I have always lived with a lasting memory of the meaning of the Bible verse above. Many of my peers saw the Bible as a sacred book with many rules for life. Oftentimes I would rely on the true meaning of the verse to steer my ways so as not to go wrong. It is a constant reminder of the will of God written down for everyone. I wonder why many do not hold on to the Bible as a guide for life? Just as the constitution of any country does for its people. Even though our lives are filled with sin, we will always remember God because God has the answers to all of our questions, solutions to all our problems, steps to all our procedures, and power to calm all our anxieties.

When we break down the text “thy word have I hid in my heart” the first part represents us. This part indicates what we individually have taken from the word of God for ourselves. The second part “that I might not sin against thee” shows that when we know the word we may be able to stay in the will of God. Nobody knows what goes on in our hearts but no matter the obstacles we face, we should always allow the word of God to guide us. We all know what is right from wrong most of the time, so let us stay positive during tough times and always make a move that we will never regret. Let us stick with the word of God and trust the process.

Reflection- What does it mean to hide God’s word in your heart? How do you plan to do so?


Submitted by: Henrietta Agyare.

New Life International UMC – Youth